VTAC Overview

Virginia Tech has established an Airworthiness Center as a long-term collaborative partnership with the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and its Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD). The capabilities of Virginia Tech will augment those of NAVAIR by supporting NAVAIR in the conduct of select airworthiness studies, by developing new tools for airworthiness assessment, and by researching new approaches to streamline the airworthiness process.

VTAC operates to support Wyle Laboratories’ RELIABILITY INFORMATION ANALYSIS CENTER (RIAC), under Department of Defense, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) contract # HC104705D4005. Technical Area Task (TAT) 310, Task Number RI-14-0: Naval Air Technical Information Systems Interoperability and Reliability Airworthiness Products.

Director, USN and USMC Airworthiness Directorate at Naval Air Systems Command: Mr. Robert Hanley

Wyle Laboratories Program Manager: Kirk Munsch

VTAC Technical Director: Dr. Robert A. Canfield

VTAC Program Manager: Ms. Christine Tysor

NAVAIR and NAWCAD stand to benefit from this relationship through:

  • Airworthiness Analysis: NAVAIR can leverage the resources and capabilities of Virginia Tech to review data and to conduct independent assessments, research, tests, and evaluations, as necessary, in order to provide airworthiness recommendations in support of NAVAIR programs.
  • Airworthiness Research: Virginia Tech will lead collaborative research efforts to improve the approaches, methods, tools, and processes involved in airworthiness engineering efforts. Additionally, Virginia Tech offers expertise in many of the critical core capabilities identified by NAVAIR to include Air Vehicles; Propulsion and Power; Avionics; Weapons and Energetics; Research and Intelligence; Test, Evaluation, and Engineering; and Simulation and Modeling.
  • Next-generation NAVAIR Scientists and Engineers: Students who will execute much of the research will graduate from Virginia Tech with a superb education and with relevant and recent experience working on the issues of concern to NAVAIR. In addition, these research and development tasks will provide a superb opportunity to “test drive” these scientists and engineers in an affordable, low-risk manner.

Our Areas of Interest: